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About Us

Success and Progress Academy was founded in 2023 by Özer Kaya, who believes in human potential.

Ozer Kaya, graduate of Boğaziçi University has crowned its Mechanical Engineering education with an MBA business master's program. Although his management experience carried his career to the top, he caught the main difference with personal and corporate development and growth. He held senior management positions in sales and marketing for many years. During this period, he received various trainings, including behavioral sciences and coaching. Besides, he invested in the field of personal development. With this brand, he supports individuals and institutions in the triangle of work, school and private life. 

Everyone who is successful in the world is in our field of interest. We examine the most successful people in the world, including clubs, companies, brands, business people, athletes, scientists, and blend their success models. We share these as net worth within the Success and Progress Academy.  


A good education is like a flowing river. Constant, renewing, enthusiastic... It starts in the family, continues at school, and lasts for life.A person who learns, develops and grows does not age. We examine the common points in the formulas of the most successful, happy and wealthy people in the world. 


Learning, developing, growing require being able to continue without stopping. It requires being able to continue without stopping because we believe in the philosophy that success, happiness and wealth is a journey, not a result, contrary to what is known. We are ready to share what we have learned, to work together and to take you and your company to the next level. 

Success and Progress Academy

Success and High Performance Coaching Brand

Our Interests

10x Action
10x Big Goals

Successful Business Person

''Average'' is a failed formula,

''to be the best'' contact us.

Client 3

10 Times High Performance

"The mind that works with the right program reaches its goal"

Today, someone decides to be the first in the university exam and starts planning their goals.

Why can't it be you?

Today someone has a great start to the day to get more customer visits to achieve their sales goals. Why shouldn't it be you? 

Today, someone starts working with hope to become a champion in basketball, tennis and football in the world and win the cup they want to win.

Why shouldn't it be you? 

Our Business Our Strength

Mindset is the key to unlocking your full potential, and it is the Success and Progress Academy's job to help you create the changes needed to build a strong mindset so you can attack with full focus and determination every day.

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