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Turn Your Potential into Performance

You Can Be Better

“Where others give up and leave, we are just getting started.”

Başarı ve Performans Anlaşması

With the Success and Progress Academy

Turn Your Potential into Performance


BETTER you can become

Success is not an option,
responsibility and obligation

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Who can stop this salesman?
“I am so convinced and so committed to my company, our product, and our service that I'm sure it will be a great loss to do business with elsewhere.”

We work until we are the best

After working with us, no one will want to compete with you because we aim to never give up in our model.

Our Success and Performance Model

Success Model (1).png

The Success Model approach is as follows:

The most successful people, clubs, teams and companies in the world are examined and the program is made through success systems that are carefully blended. Success can be modeled based on the principle, results can be obtained. We aim for sustainable success with the ''Peak Performance Model'' and ''F-O-O-P Model''.

Our Priorities: Effort, Perseverance, Attitude, Patience.

Our Motivational Principles: Courage, Inspiration, Determination.

Our Success Principles: Mental Preparation, Habits, Energy Management, Discipline. 

Today someone has a great start to the day to get more customer visits to achieve their sales goals. Why shouldn't it be you? 

Today, someone starts working with hope to become a champion in basketball, tennis and football in the world and to win the cup they want to win. Why shouldn't it be you? 

Successful Business Person

                                                OUR MANIFESTO: 

We believe in human potential.

for successfulthe performance of the people or institutions we see,So we see the results. backgroundIt includes dreams, goals, beliefs, systems and habits. We are working towards these. 

We use previously proven success models.

Maybe you only use 15% or 20% of your potential.

To get closer to 100% we are working.

Getting closer, because there is no such thing as 100% perfection, approaching perfection there is. 

Average is a failing target. It is necessary to strive to be the best. 

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Successful Business People

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